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With over seventy-five years of combined international experience, the Associates within the network have focused on three main services:

Advising and Partnering with the new Eastern European buyers and sellers, as well as strategic source partnering, angel investors involvement with angel funding and review and strategic development of business plans have resulted in a strong relationship-based service and presence.

Purchasing and Supply of Goods and Services is an on-going effort for the US companies we represent and the Eastern European companies we advise and act as an agent for.

Sales Representation and Distribution for Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing Firms Since 1994. Acting as either a joint venture facilitator, distributor or an agent, The network offers its clients an on-the-ground presence in specific market areas. Access to the growing business community and governmental ministries provides a unique and definite advantage to our client firms.


The Entree Network is a unique association of specialty executive service firms offering representative capability to clients with Fortune 500 and International Trade markets. Our on-the-ground presence in Moscow, London, Frankfurt, India, Japan and Central America provides a significant resource to our clients. Transactions have been concluded for Construction Equipment, Environmental Engineering Services and Technologies, Photo Processing Minilabs, Lentils, Fertilizers, Leasing and Investor Services.

Photo Processing Minilab Start-up Ventures

International Markets in selected areas have market opportunities for new entrepreneurial companies providing photo processing services on a commercial scale. These facilities serve the home photo business of consumers in towns and cities as a viable on-going chain of establishments as currently seen in the developed Western Markets. With Romey Con USA The Entree Network provides access to new and re-conditioned equipment from the premier suppliers of these systems. In addition the initial start-up package can include training, chemical and paper supply as well as film. An economic analysis can be performed with the interested individual or group in the subject country prior to formal commitment for a reasonable fee and a contingent supply or partnership agreement.

Product Information

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The above photo is copyrighted and owned by Noritsu and new OEM equipment should be pursued with them directly.

Romey Con USA offers re-conditioned Mini-labs, sourced World Wide. 

We will meet the needs of our customers with the most updated information on re-built photo processing equipment available at the time. 

Based on our system, the customer will learn all they NEED and MUST know before taking the important step of purchasing a photo lab; for example, a machine's operation and history, a refurbishing company that would be correct for a particular model, the best schedule for delivery, recommended spare parts, etc. 

Our expertise  in the industry, as well as our strong long-term relationship with ONLY reliable suppliers, allows us to act in the best interests of our Buyers.

Romey Con will provide monthly updated inventory and price lists with the best selections of equipment available in both the USA and Internationally. 

Volume buying will allow us to offer the best prices, and we provide on-going parts supply and support, as needed , at very affordable prices. 

Romey Con is a registered distributor of parts for Noritsu, Fuji, Konica, and Agfa Copal. 





Chemistry Consulting


Chemistry Supply

Machine Histories

System Specifications 

Oversee Refurbishing

Engineering Certificate

Parts' Supply and Support



Ocean Freight (Container)


Following and Back-up


Export Paperwork

Price negotiations 

System Operations


Wet Testing     


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A Packaged Array Of Environmental & Safety Technologies Arranged & Available For Entree Network Associate Companies In Selected International Markets.

Health, Environmental & Safety

Hach Corporation Water Monitoring and Testing Technology

The premier water testing and monitoring firm in the industry is represented by The Entree Network's Romey Con USA in Russia and the CIS as well as other selected International Markets.


Analytical Testing from SDI

Environmental analytical technology utilizing "state of the art" immunoassay and chemical testing systems for soils, water and air. Testing systems allowing field as well as laboratory screening and confirmatory testing for toxic chemicals, pesticides and metals is included from Hach Corporation and Strategic Diagnostics, Inc. SDI provides development research capability and water/agricultural testing products. Tests for Mercury, PCB, PAH, Petroleum, TPH, Full Pesticides, Cryptosporidium Giardia, Dioxin, Water screening, Water monitoring and others to include analytical instruments, provide a wide range of field and analytical lab screening systems to Selected International markets.

Analytical Testing, Monitoring And Safety

Dragerwerk Aktiengesellschaft provides Safety technology for multiple industries to include: petrochemical, utility, mining, steel production, chemical production, transportation, fire suppression services, underwater and sub sea operations to name a few. The Drager line offers a comprehensive program for reliable measurement of gases and state-of -the-art respiratory protection:

The Drager tube system measures concentrations of contaminants at workplaces, at home and in the office. It also detects gases escaping from waste dumps, industrial waste sites while determining emission  values in a rapid and economical manner.

The Drager tube system used in combination with the Drager liquid extraction method checks liquids such as water, sewage, oil sludge, multi-phase samples and sludgy soil samples for possible contamination. Applications include water works, sewage works and rivers.

The Drager tube system is suitable for determining and evaluating contaminants in soil using a soil air probe and the appropriate tubes.

  • Breath Alcohol Measurement

  • Portable Gas Detection Instruments

  • Fixed Gas Detection Systems

  • Electronic Stack Gas Analysis

  • Filtering Half Masks

  • Escape Hoods

  • Full Face Masks

  • Filters

  • Power Assisted Filtering Devices

  • Helmut-Mask Systems

  • Compressed Air Breathing Protection System

  • Protection Suits

  • Oxygen Self-Rescuers

  • Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus

  • Diving Systems

  • Emergency Medicine Resuscitation Units

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